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For the love of pies

Jesters pies first entered New Zealand shores in 2002 with their 100% ultra thin puff pastry that are freshly cooked in their own jaffle irons, unique to any other pies out there.

While the pies are unique and delicious, the branding was dull and in need of an overhaul. We were tasked with lifting the brand back to life with Jesters’s own unique look and tone of voice.

We began by asking people their thought of Jesters and no one knew what they looked like, but recall their fun purple and yellow – even though it was changed for over 5 years. Our path took us down memory lane by introducing a more vibrant purple and yellow. We continued down the playful route and recreated the Jesters’ word mark that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Everything else flowed from there and a joyful brand found it’s way into form.